Trump Gains GOP Support Amid 2024 Election Speculations


In a political landscape that remains as volatile as ever, the Republican party seems to be rallying around one prominent figure from its recent past – Donald Trump. It’s no secret that Trump’s influence within the GOP continues to hold strong, even as he remains a controversial figure. The former president’s recent spate of endorsements from previous primary opponents and a surge in donor support is indicative of his growing power within the party.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing for Trump. His complex association with the Club for Growth, a prominent anti-tax group, has seen its share of ups and downs. This relationship, which started off with the group investing heavily to block Trump’s nomination during the 2016 Republican primary, has evolved over time, with the former president and Club for Growth’s David McIntosh sharing a rapport during Trump’s presidency.

Key Point 1: The Unsteady Relationship

The dynamics of the Trump-McIntosh relationship have not always been steady. An example of this was the 2022 Ohio Senate primary, where the two found themselves on opposing sides. Trump threw his weight behind J.D. Vance, while McIntosh’s Club for Growth endorsed another candidate, Josh Mandel. When the Club for Growth refused to back down from its support for Mandel, Trump didn’t hold back his displeasure and sent a rather unsavory message to McIntosh via his assistant.

Key Point 2: The Club For Growth’s Shift

In the aftermath of this, McIntosh made a statement early the following year suggesting that Republicans should consider other candidates for the 2024 elections, not just Trump. Further evidence of a rift between Trump and the Club for Growth came when the latter did not extend an invitation to Trump for a donor retreat while inviting other Republican presidential candidates.

Key Point 3: The Anti-Trump Affiliate

In an interesting turn of events, the Club for Growth launched an anti-Trump affiliate in July 2023. This move was met with a strong response from Trump, who criticized the group and dubbed it the “Club for No Growth.”


As the 2024 elections loom, the GOP appears to be consolidating its forces around Trump. His endorsements and increasing donor support are clear indications of his dominance within the party. However, the evolving relationship between Trump and the Club for Growth paints a picture of internal discord.

Although the Club for Growth had once actively worked against Trump’s nomination, over time, a relationship was formed between McIntosh and Trump. This relationship, however, was not without its share of turmoil, as seen in the 2022 Ohio Senate primary.

The Club for Growth’s recent actions – from McIntosh’s public statement to the non-invitation to Trump for a donor retreat and finally, the launch of an anti-Trump affiliate – signal a shift in its stance towards Trump. Trump’s retaliation, labeling the group as the “Club for No Growth,” further solidifies the divide.

The political landscape within the GOP is far from settled. As the 2024 elections approach, it remains to be seen how this internal strife will play out and what impact it will have on Trump’s potential nomination. For more information on this topic, visit CNN.

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