The Associated Industries of Florida Establishes Coalition for Future of AI in Business

Florida Launches Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Florida takes a major step towards shaping responsible and forward-thinking policies regarding artificial intelligence (AI) with the establishment of the Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business. The coalition, announced by the Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) on Thursday, aims to unite various sectors in developing guidelines for AI use and collaborating with policymakers to create an innovative yet accountable regulatory environment.

Key Points:

  1. Collaborative Efforts: The coalition brings together AIF members, non-members, and partner organizations to engage on the important issue of AI. Participants include tech giants like Google and Meta, as well as Florida-based companies such as Florida Blue and Disney.
  2. Educating Legislators: One of the coalition’s primary objectives is to educate legislators about the current and potential uses of AI in the business sector. Through roundtable events and other engagements, the coalition aims to provide lawmakers with valuable insights to shape effective policies.
  3. Defining AI: The coalition will focus on developing and passing a broadly agreed-upon definition of AI. This definition will serve as a launching point for future policy development and regulation, ensuring clarity and consistency in AI-related matters.

With AI’s rapid expansion and its significant impact on all sectors of the business community, AIF recognizes the need for proactive involvement. Brewster Bevis, President and CEO of AIF, emphasizes the importance of the business community’s leadership in addressing this evolving technology and collaborating with legislators to make well-informed decisions.

“By leading on this issue, the business community can help ensure continued advancement while mitigating possible risks,” says Bevis.

Adam Basford, AIF’s Vice-President of Governmental Affairs, highlights the urgency of the AI issue in Florida. He mentions that there are bills currently being debated in the legislature that deal with AI and its regulation.


The establishment of the Coalition for the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business marks a significant milestone in Florida’s journey towards responsible AI policies. By uniting various sectors and engaging with policymakers, the coalition aims to foster innovation while ensuring accountability. Through education and collaboration, Florida’s business community can shape AI regulations that facilitate continued advancement while addressing potential risks.

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