Supreme Court Approval on the Rise

Supreme Court Approval on the Rise

Exciting news for the Supreme Court as Americans’ approval of their work is on the upswing! A recent Marquette Law School survey has revealed that 47 percent of adults now approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing, marking the highest level in over a year. This positive shift comes after a previous poll in February showed only 40 percent approval. The tide seems to be turning in favor of the highest court in the land.

Key Points Explained

1. The Supreme Court’s Recent High-Profile Cases:

  • One of the most notable cases the court tackled was whether states could ban former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot. The unanimous ruling stated that states cannot bar Trump based on the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. Surprisingly, more than half of those surveyed supported this decision, indicating a level of public approval.
  • Another upcoming case involves the question of whether former presidents should have immunity from criminal prosecution for official actions taken during their presidency. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals previously ruled that Trump is not immune from prosecution, with only 20 percent of respondents supporting immunity for former presidents without Trump’s name attached. This case will surely be closely watched by the public and legal experts alike.
  • Most recently, the Supreme Court heard arguments on a case involving access to mifepristone, a drug used in medication abortions. A majority of adults, 60 percent, believe that the current level of access should be maintained, which would mean overturning a lower court’s ruling. This case is significant, especially in the wake of the court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which protected abortion rights nationwide.

2. Public Opinion Shifts:

It’s interesting to note the fluctuation in public opinion towards the Supreme Court. Approval ratings have seen a significant increase, especially after the court’s recent decisions on high-profile cases. The shift in public sentiment reflects the court’s evolving role in addressing critical issues that impact the nation.

3. Impact of Recent Decisions:

The Supreme Court’s rulings on cases involving former President Trump and abortion access have had a direct impact on public perception. The court’s decisions have sparked debate and discussion among Americans, highlighting the importance of judicial decision-making in shaping our society.


In conclusion, the recent surge in approval ratings for the Supreme Court signals a positive trend in public sentiment towards the highest judicial body in the country. With key cases on the docket and significant decisions being made, the Supreme Court continues to play a crucial role in shaping the legal landscape of the United States. As public opinion shifts and new challenges arise, the Supreme Court’s ability to navigate complex legal issues will remain under scrutiny. Stay tuned as the court continues to make waves in the legal world!

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