State Lawmakers Consider Bill for Daily Fantasy Sports

Are you a fan of daily fantasy sports? If you reside in the Sunshine State, you might be interested in the latest legislative developments that could impact your favorite pastime. Florida lawmakers are currently mulling over Senate Bill 1568, a proposed piece of legislation that seeks to regulate daily fantasy sports through licensing by the Florida Gaming Control Commission. As of now, the bill is awaiting a crucial Senate vote that could shape the future of fantasy sports in Florida.

So, what exactly does Senate Bill 1568 entail? Sponsored by state Sen. Travis Hutson, the bill aims to establish the Fantasy Sports Contest Amusement Act, which would provide the framework for offering fantasy sports contests in the state. If passed, the bill would empower the Florida Gaming Control Commission to enforce and administer the act, including taking necessary actions against operators who fail to comply with the regulations.

One key aspect of the bill is the restriction on the types of fantasy sports contests allowed in Florida. Only peer-to-peer games and traditional draft competitions would be permitted, while operators would be barred from participating in contests they offer. Additionally, strict guidelines would prevent employees or agents of operators from sharing confidential information that could influence the outcome of fantasy sports play.

As the clock ticks down on the current legislative session, the fate of daily fantasy sports operators hangs in the balance. Without the passage of Senate Bill 1568, popular apps like Betr, Underdog Fantasy, and PrizePicks were compelled to halt their operations in Florida earlier this year. The bill’s provisions aim to safeguard the integrity of fantasy sports contests and protect participants and operators alike, while also introducing consumer protections to ensure fair play.

If the bill moves forward, fantasy sports operators would need to apply for a license from the commission, with an initial cost of $500,000 and an annual renewal fee of $250,000. The commission would be tasked with monitoring operators, investigating any potential violations, and revoking licenses if necessary. Additionally, the bill specifies that winning outcomes must not be based on specific performance metrics of individual athletes or teams.

With the future of daily fantasy sports in Florida hanging in the balance, the outcome of Senate Bill 1568 could have far-reaching implications for both operators and enthusiasts. As the legislative session draws to a close, all eyes are on the Senate floor to see whether this bill will become a reality and shape the landscape of fantasy sports in the Sunshine State.

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