Senate President Kathleen Passidomo’s Healthcare Reform Efforts

Welcome to the latest healthcare reform developments in Florida! The Florida House recently approved the “Live Healthy” legislative package, a significant step towards improving healthcare services in the state.

Under the leadership of Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, this package aims to address critical workforce shortages in the healthcare sector and enhance overall medical services for Floridians.

Key Points:

  • SB 7016 and SB 7018 are the primary bills in the package, with additional measures included.
  • SB 7016 allocates $717 million to enhance the healthcare workforce, including funding for hospital Medicaid reimbursement rates and medical residency slot expansions.
  • SB 7018 complements the main bill with a $50 million annual investment in health care innovation grants.

Passidomo expressed gratitude to Speaker Paul Renner and the Florida House for their collaboration in passing this comprehensive plan to boost Florida’s healthcare workforce, increase access, and incentivize innovation.

While the legislation has faced criticism for excluding Medicaid expansion for childless adults, Passidomo remains focused on actionable solutions to improve healthcare access and quality.


In conclusion, Florida’s “Live Healthy” legislative package represents a significant stride towards addressing healthcare workforce shortages and enhancing medical services in the state. With a focus on innovation, workforce development, and improved access, this initiative is poised to positively impact the healthcare landscape for Floridians.

For more information on the “Live Healthy” legislative package, visit the official website.

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