Progressives Push for Green New Deal for Public Housing

Progressives Unveil New “Green New Deal” for Public Housing

Progressives on Capitol Hill are spearheading a bold new initiative to address one of America’s most pressing challenges: housing. Led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a group of lawmakers is set to introduce a revamped “Green New Deal for Public Housing.” This legislation aims to revolutionize public housing in the United States while tackling environmental injustices faced by its residents.

As President Joe Biden focuses on lowering housing costs nationwide, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is honing in on the specific issues plaguing public housing. Ocasio-Cortez believes that traditional housing policies are no longer sustainable, especially for a generation facing barriers to homeownership.

The centerpiece of the bill is the repeal of the little-known Faircloth Amendment, a rule that has hindered the funding of new public housing since 1999. By directing more resources towards addressing the public housing backlog and implementing clean-energy improvements, the legislation aims to reshape the conversation around housing in America.

Key Points Explained

  • Repeal of Faircloth Amendment: The Green New Deal for Public Housing proposes to eliminate the Faircloth Amendment, which has restricted funding for new public housing projects since its inception in 1999. This repeal would pave the way for significant investments in revitalizing public housing across the country.
  • Funding for Clean Energy Improvements: The legislation includes provisions to allocate funds for clean-energy upgrades in public housing units. By ensuring that any jobs created through these improvements are unionized, the bill aims to not only enhance living conditions but also promote sustainable practices.
  • Pushing the Housing Conversation Left: While the bill may face challenges in Congress, its proponents are focused on shifting the discourse around housing policy in the United States. By advocating for increased public housing availability and challenging the stigma associated with it, progressives hope to spark a national dialogue on housing equity.


As the debate over housing policy intensifies, the Green New Deal for Public Housing represents a bold step towards addressing longstanding issues within the public housing sector. While the legislation may encounter obstacles on Capitol Hill, its proponents are determined to push the boundaries of the housing conversation and advocate for transformative change. By focusing on repealing outdated regulations, investing in sustainable infrastructure, and challenging societal perceptions, progressives are laying the groundwork for a more equitable housing future in America.

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