New College of Florida Receives $1.1 Million Funding

Exciting News for New College of Florida: $1.1 Million in Performance-Based Funding Approved

New College of Florida is set to receive $1.1 million in performance-based funding following the approval of their student success plan. The school’s president, Richard Corcoran, presented a successful report to state university system officials, securing the much-needed funds.

Despite falling short in certain areas last year, New College of Florida was able to secure half of a $4.2 million funding pool based on factors like graduation rates. This additional funding comes as a welcome boost after the school received $1.1 million the previous year for their student success plan.

Corcoran highlighted the school’s progress in achieving the goals outlined in the plan, including over $5.5 million in campus improvements such as enhancing outdoor study areas, fitness centers, and security measures.

Furthermore, New College of Florida has taken steps to increase enrollment by offering over $400,000 in internship scholarships to new students, with 223 students already benefiting from this initiative.

Despite some goals yet to be met, such as hiring and training academic coaches, the Board of Governors approved the plan, acknowledging the overall progress made by the school.

Jono Miller of NCF Freedom expressed support for releasing $1,099,013 to the school, citing the successful implementation of the student success plan.

The state legislature has also allocated significant funds to New College of Florida in the upcoming fiscal year, with $15 million designated for student housing and academic support, and an additional $10 million for operational enhancements.

This investment aims to support the school’s long-term enrollment goals and enhance the overall academic experience for students.

Overall, this funding approval signifies a positive step forward for New College of Florida, marking a significant milestone in their efforts to improve student success and campus life.

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