Mount Vernon Superintendent Urges Restoration of $2.9 Million in School Aid

Mount Vernon School District Fights $2.9 Million Cut in Aid

More than a dozen local, state, and federal elected officials gathered at Benjamin Turner Middle School to protest a proposed $2.9 million cut to the Mount Vernon City School District’s foundation aid. This cut is part of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s budget plan, affecting 337 districts statewide.

The rally organized by New York State United Teachers aimed to highlight the detrimental impact these cuts would have on Mount Vernon and other districts. Senate and Assembly Education Committee chairs, Sen. Shelley Mayer and Assemblymember Michael Benedetto, expressed confidence in restoring the lost funding through legislative action.

The group called for the restoration of “hold harmless” policies to prevent funding cuts, rejection of changes to inflation factors, and funding for a comprehensive study of the foundation aid formula. While negotiations continue, the final budget remains uncertain, with Hochul citing enrollment shifts among districts as a reason for the proposed cuts.

Attorney General Tish James Challenges Nassau County Trans Ban

Attorney General Tish James issued a demand for Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman to rescind his executive order banning transgender women from participating in women’s sports teams at county-run facilities. James labeled the order as a violation of New York’s Civil and Human Rights Laws, emphasizing zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender identity.

Blakeman defended the ban, citing concerns over fair competition and suggesting that transgender women have alternative avenues to participate in sports. However, James has given Blakeman a five-day ultimatum to retract the order or face legal action, emphasizing the importance of upholding equal rights for all individuals.

State Budget Deadline Looms Amid Controversies and Challenges

With the state budget deadline approaching, Gov. Kathy Hochul expressed uncertainty about meeting the April 1st target due to the proximity to Easter. Hochul’s $233 billion budget proposal includes incentives for housing and funding reallocation based on enrollment shifts in school districts, a point of contention among legislators from both parties.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature is set to release its own spending proposals, providing a roadmap for budget negotiations in the coming weeks. Hochul’s budget plan faces opposition and scrutiny from various stakeholders, highlighting the complex challenges in reaching a consensus before the deadline.


In conclusion, the ongoing debates and protests surrounding education funding cuts, transgender rights, and the state budget underscore the intricate nature of governance and policymaking in New York. As stakeholders continue to advocate for their respective causes, the final budget outcome remains uncertain, with significant implications for various sectors across the state.

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