Intraparty Clashes Shake Texas GOP

BEAUMONT, Texas — The Battle for Power: Super Tuesday Showdown in Texas

In the heart of Texas, where the swamp meets the refinery, a high-stakes political drama is unfolding. House Speaker Dade Phelan, a scion of a prominent Beaumont family, is facing a formidable challenge in the upcoming primary election. But this isn’t just any ordinary election – it’s a clash of titans, fueled by power struggles, personal vendettas, and the looming shadow of Washington-style political tribalism.

Key Points:

1. The Rise of Intraparty Turmoil

  • Phelan is under fire from Lt. Gov Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton, with the backing of former President Donald Trump.
  • Gov. Greg Abbott is targeting legislators who haven’t fully supported his agenda, intensifying the Republican-on-Republican conflict.
  • The divide is less about ideology and more about power dynamics, reflecting the growing influence of national politics on state-level decision-making.

2. The Shift in Political Norms

  • Traditional practices like bipartisan committee assignments and holding rogue officials accountable are now seen as controversial in the era of extreme partisanship.
  • Voters’ perceptions of loyalty and accountability have been reshaped by the toxic tribalism prevalent in national politics.
  • The erosion of trust within the party threatens to undermine the GOP’s strength in Texas and pave the way for Democratic gains.

3. The Trump Factor

  • Former President Trump’s endorsement has become a powerful currency in Texas politics, influencing key races and shaping candidate priorities.
  • Candidates like David Covey are leveraging Trump’s support to position themselves as champions of the “America First” agenda.
  • The alignment with Trump’s priorities on issues like border security and election integrity underscores the deepening influence of Trumpism in Texas.


The Super Tuesday showdown in Texas isn’t just a battle for political supremacy – it’s a microcosm of the national political landscape, where loyalty trumps ideology and power plays trump policy goals. As the GOP grapples with internal strife and the specter of Washington-style dysfunction looms large, the future of Texas politics hangs in the balance. Will the Lone Star State succumb to the same divisive forces that have paralyzed the nation’s capital, or will a new era of unity and cooperation emerge from the ashes of political tribalism? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the stakes have never been higher in the Lone Star State.

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