Governor DeSantis Signs Anti-Squatting Legislation

An Important Step in Protecting Property Rights in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a significant step in safeguarding property rights by signing legislation that targets illegal squatting. This new law aims to provide property owners and law enforcement with a more streamlined process to remove unauthorized occupants from properties.

Key Points of the Legislation

  • Individuals claiming residency in a property must provide a notarized lease or proof of rent payment when requested by authorities.
  • Property owners can file a verified complaint with the county sheriff for the immediate removal of squatters, with specific immunity clauses protecting them from liability.
  • The legislation introduces severe penalties for trespassing and fraudulent activities related to property ownership or tenancy.

A Step Towards Swift Remedies

By enacting this law, Governor DeSantis emphasized the importance of providing swift remedies to address illegal squatting. The legislation aims to prevent delays and high costs associated with evicting squatters, ensuring that the law favors those who abide by it.

This legislation sends a clear message that Florida is committed to protecting property rights and ensuring that individuals who engage in illegal activities face appropriate consequences.

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