Gov. Ron DeSantis Nominates Chris Spencer

Welcome to the latest in Florida news and politics! In a move that could shape the state’s financial future, Governor Ron DeSantis has nominated Chris Spencer to lead the State Board of Administration. If approved by the board’s Trustees on March 26, Spencer will take on the role of Executive Director, bringing his expertise to managing Florida’s assets.

Key Points:

  • Chris Spencer, currently the Director of Policy and Budget for the Executive Office of the Governor, has been nominated by Governor DeSantis to lead the State Board of Administration.
  • Spencer’s background in both the public and private sectors, with a focus on economic and insurance policy, makes him a strong candidate for the role.
  • The State Board of Administration plays a crucial role in managing Florida’s financial resources, including the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

In his current role, Spencer has overseen the development and implementation of Florida’s state budget and the Governor’s policy agenda. With a background in economics, international affairs, and political science from Florida State University, Spencer is well-equipped to handle the complexities of managing Florida’s assets.

The State Board of Administration, led by the Governor, Chief Financial Officer, and Attorney General, is responsible for investing Florida’s assets to generate returns while minimizing risks. This includes managing the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan, which serves state and local government employees, and overseeing the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to stabilize the state’s insurance market.


Chris Spencer’s nomination as the next Executive Director of the State Board of Administration signals a potential shift in Florida’s financial management. With his experience and background, Spencer is poised to lead the SBA in maximizing the value of Florida’s assets and supporting the state’s economic growth. Stay tuned for the final decision on March 26!

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