Former President Trump Seeks Challenger for Rep. Laurel Lee

Former President Donald Trump is stirring up the political pot in Florida once again, this time targeting Representative Laurel Lee for her endorsement of Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential bid.

Key Points:

  • Trump is actively seeking a primary challenger for Lee in Florida’s 15th Congressional District.
  • Lee, who previously served as Secretary of State under DeSantis, was the sole member of the state’s delegation to endorse the governor.
  • Former lawmaker Jackie Toledo has expressed interest in running against Lee, aligning herself as a “great MAGA Republican” ready to serve.

In a surprising turn of events, Lee’s endorsement of DeSantis has put her in Trump’s crosshairs, prompting speculation and potential challenges from within her own party. Despite her victory in the 2022 election, Lee’s support for DeSantis has drawn criticism from Trump loyalists, setting the stage for a contentious battle within the GOP.

What’s Next?

As the political landscape in Florida continues to evolve, all eyes are on Lee and her potential challengers. With Toledo already throwing her hat into the ring, the stage is set for a high-stakes showdown that could have far-reaching implications for the state and the Republican Party as a whole. Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

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