Former Naples Council Member John Passidomo Dies at 72

John Passidomo, a former Naples City Council member and husband to Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, has tragically died at the age of 72. Known for his extensive contributions to his community, both in his professional and personal life, Passidomo’s sudden death has left a notable void in the political and social landscape of Naples.

Tragic Accident Claims the Life of John Passidomo

The incident occurred while Passidomo was hiking with his wife in Utah. Described as a “massive trauma”, the accident was severe enough to necessitate immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, Passidomo succumbed to his injuries.

Senate President Pro Tempore Dennis Baxley confirmed the news in a memo to members of the Florida Senate, detailing the events leading to Passidomo’s passing. According to Baxley, the former city council member was quickly transported to a local hospital, and later airlifted to a regional trauma center. Despite the swift response and intensive medical intervention, the injuries were too severe, leading to his unfortunate demise.

A Life of Service and Dedication

John Passidomo was a respected figure in the field of real estate law. He was a shareholder at Cheffy Passidomo, a renowned Naples law firm. His professional accomplishments include serving as the President of the Collier County Bar Association and chairing the organization’s Real Estate Attorneys’ Section.

Passidomo’s commitment to his community extended beyond his professional responsibilities. He was an elected official, serving as a Council member and Vice Mayor of Naples from 1990 to 1992. His leadership roles in Southwest Florida included chairing the Community Foundation of Collier County and the Economic Development Council of Collier County.

A Life Cut Short, But Not Forgotten

In Tallahassee, John Passidomo was often seen with his wife, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo. They were a familiar and loved couple, having been together long before either entered the political scene. In fact, they were looking forward to celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary in September.

The tragic accident has left a deep impact on the family, friends, and the community. Passidomo’s death is indeed a great loss, but his life and contributions will continue to be remembered and appreciated.

In a final act of service and kindness, Passidomo, an organ donor, saved lives even after his death as several of his organs were donated. This gesture provides some solace to the family, knowing that their loss has resulted in a life-saving gift for other families.

John Passidomo’s untimely passing is a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability. His life, marked by service, dedication, and love, leaves a lasting legacy and sets an example for future generations.

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