Former Business Partner Disputes Jim Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Claim

Amidst the political turmoil and family ties of the Biden administration, a new controversy has emerged involving former business partner Michael Lewitt and Jim Biden. The president’s brother testified to Congress about hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans his company received, claiming that Lewitt forgave $225,000 in loans. However, Lewitt has come forward to dispute this account, stating that a third party assumed Jim Biden’s debt instead of forgiving it, raising questions about undisclosed financial support while Joe Biden was running for president.

Key Points:

  • Loan Dispute: Jim Biden testified that Michael Lewitt forgave $225,000 in loans to his firm, Lion Hall Group. However, Lewitt contradicted this, revealing that a third party assumed the debt in early 2020.
  • Business Connections: Jim Biden, Lewitt, and Florida businessperson Amer Rustom collaborated on various ventures, including securing funding for Americore, a hospital chain accused of Medicare fraud by the federal government.
  • Legal Battles: The SEC sued Lewitt for fraud related to his loans to Americore, and ongoing investigations into the financial dealings of Jim Biden and his associates continue to unfold.

As the controversy surrounding Jim Biden’s business dealings intensifies, the implications for the Biden family and their connections to questionable financial transactions are coming under increased scrutiny. Stay tuned for further developments as the investigation into these loans and partnerships unfolds.

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