Florida State Guard Leader Awaits Confirmation Amid Border Deployment

The nomination of Mark Thieme to lead the Florida State Guard by Governor Ron DeSantis is yet to be confirmed. This comes in light of the fact that the Guard, under Thieme’s command, is currently operating out of state to assist Texas in policing the Mexican border. The confirmation of Thieme’s appointment, or lack thereof, will face its first test come Monday when legislators will debate the matter.

Who is Mark Thieme and what is his role?

Thieme, who hails from Apollo Beach, is the third person to take up this position in less than a year and a half. His predecessors included retired Marine Lt. Col. Chris Graham, who passed away in 2022, and U.S. Navy Reserve Capt. Luis Soler, who resigned last year citing “personal reasons.” As the current leader of the Florida State Guard, Thieme is tasked with leading a revived armed force that is state-funded and responsive to the Governor.

What does this mean for the Florida State Guard?

The Florida State Guard is currently involved in assisting Texas in policing the Mexican border. Despite its website suggesting a more localized mission, focused on the needs of their home state, the group is now engaged in operations outside Florida. This is permitted under Florida Statute, which allows for the armed force to be used within the state or to provide support to other states. This move has sparked speculations about a possible expansion of the Guard’s scope.

Future prospects for the Florida State Guard

Interestingly, Governor DeSantis seems open to the idea of deploying the Florida State Guard even farther afield. He mentioned in an interview earlier this month that he would be willing to send the Guard to California if they needed assistance in managing their border. This suggests a potential change in the role and operations of the Florida State Guard, paving the way for more out-of-state missions in the future.


The nomination of Mark Thieme as the leader of the Florida State Guard has brought attention to the role and operations of this state-funded armed force. From assisting in local needs to operating out-of-state, the Guard seems to be on the brink of a significant expansion in its scope and duties. As policymakers debate Thieme’s confirmation, it will be fascinating to see how this impacts the future of the Florida State Guard.

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