Florida Democratic Party Launches Take Back Local Program

In a bid to gain more political traction at the grassroots level, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) has initiated a new program called Take Back Local. This strategy is designed to bolster the chances of local candidates in competitive races across the state, specifically focusing on those who align with the party’s ideology. The initial phase of the program will concentrate on seven targeted candidates across various cities including Pembroke Pines, Winter Garden, Boca Raton, Clearwater, and Ocoee.

A Strategic Move by the FDP

The FDP Chair, Nikki Fried emphasized the importance of supporting candidates running in non-partisan local elections. She asserted that it is crucial for voters to identify candidates that champion their values. The party intends to provide the necessary infrastructure for Democratic candidates to succeed. Danielle Hawk, the FDP Director of Candidates and Campaigns, added that they have developed a rigorous review process to identify candidates running in competitive local races across the state. The focus on local races is strategic, as they believe it is where they can make the most significant impact.

Meet the Candidates

The seven candidates receiving support from the FDP include:

  • Maria Rodriguez for Pembroke Pines City Commission in District 3.
  • Karen McNeil for Winter Garden City Commission in District 3.
  • Andy Thomson for Boca Raton City Council, Seat D.
  • Yvette Drucker for Boca Raton City Council, Seat A.
  • Mark Bunker for re-election to Clearwater City Council, Seat 2.
  • Javante Scott for Clearwater City Council, Seat 3.
  • George Oliver III for Ocoee City Commission, District 4.

Looking Ahead

All the supported candidates will be on the ballot on March 19, with the deadline to request a mail ballot being March 7. The FDP’s Take Back Local program is aimed at strengthening the democratic base at the local level through grassroots and fundraising support. This new initiative is a strategic move by the party to regain political ground in Florida, starting at the local level. The success of this initiative will determine the future course of the party’s political strategies in the state.

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