Experienced Pro Katia Saint Fleur Joins The Southern Group in South Florida

Hey there, friends! Let’s take a moment to talk about some news that’s been making waves in South Florida. A powerhouse team of legislative and policy professionals has recently come back together, making the political scene in our Sunshine State all the more interesting. This team includes the seasoned consulting and communications pro, Katia Saint Fleur, who has joined The Southern Group’s South Florida office. The addition of Saint Fleur to this prestigious firm not only reunites her with former colleagues but also promises to bring fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the table.

Reuniting a Winning Team

The joining of Saint Fleur to The Southern Group marks her reunion with former Sen. Oscar Braynon and Oneca Lowery, both of whom are now lobbyists with the firm. Saint Fleur had previously worked with Braynon as a legislative aide while Lowery served as Braynon’s Chief of Staff. This is not just a reunion of colleagues but a coming together of minds that have previously worked in sync towards shared goals.

What Saint Fleur Brings to the Table

With a rich portfolio of experiences in local and state government and the private sector, Saint Fleur is a force to be reckoned with. Over the last decade, she has been working in the Miami-Dade area, even starting her own all-purpose consulting business. Her deep ties and connections in the Miami-Dade area are sure to serve The Southern Group well.

Expectations and Reactions

The Southern Group is thrilled to welcome Saint Fleur to their team. Nelson Diaz, Managing Partner of The Southern Group’s South Florida offices, expressed his excitement about the addition of Saint Fleur, stating that she would help deliver even higher levels of service and expertise to their clients. High praise indeed!

This sentiment is echoed by many in the political scene. Sen. Tracie Davis praised Saint Fleur as a passionate advocate, while Miami-Dade Commissioner Marleine Bastien lauded her exceptional record of service and dedication to their community.

With a career spanning broadcast journalism, communications consultancy, and public service, Saint Fleur has proven her mettle in various fields. Her dedication to community service, particularly towards victims of domestic violence, is commendable. With such a varied and rich experience, Saint Fleur is indeed a valuable addition to The Southern Group.

In conclusion, the reunion of Saint Fleur, Braynon, and Lowery at The Southern Group is definitely something to watch out for. With their combined experience, connections, and dedication, they can be expected to make some significant waves in the Florida political scene. As for us, we’ll be here, keeping an eye on the developments and bringing you the latest right from the heart of it all. Stay tuned, folks!

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