Ex-Police Chief Jeff Giordano Advocates for Legalized Prostitution in Miami-Dade

In what may be a surprising turn of events, former Miami Dade College Police Chief Jeff Giordano has proposed a rather unconventional policy in his campaign to become the first Sheriff of Miami-Dade County in many years. His proposal? To legalize prostitution. The news has sparked a wide range of reactions from citizens and politicians alike.

Giordano believes that the world’s oldest profession isn’t going anywhere and hence, it should be made safe, legal, and regulated. According to him, this move would help eliminate “street-corner prostitution rackets” and increase testing for sexually transmitted diseases. He questions the effectiveness of using law enforcement resources for arresting individuals involved in prostitution when such resources could be better utilized in addressing real crimes and human trafficking issues.

Giordano’s Arguments for Legalizing Prostitution

In his Friday video posted to YouTube, Giordano elaborated on his stance on legalizing prostitution. He compared the issue to the legalization of marijuana, stating, “We’re not all born with penises. We’re not all born with vaginas. We all have our needs, whether you’re attracted to men or whether you’re attracted to women. Prostitution is not going to go away. We might as well legalize it like we did with marijuana. Let’s legalize it. We’re all human.”

  • The Need for Regulation: Giordano believes that if prostitution is legalized, it would be easier to regulate, thereby providing a safer environment for sex workers and their clients. This would also help to crack down on illegal activities such as human trafficking.
  • High Profile Americans Involved: Giordano cites examples of high-profile Americans such as Donald Trump and Bill Clinton who have either spoken about or been involved in the sex trade, implying that it is a part of society that should be acknowledged rather than hidden.
  • Human Behavior: He argues that this is a part of human behavior that cannot be eradicated and hence, it would be more beneficial to legalize and regulate it.

The Reaction to Giordano’s Proposal

The proposal, however, is not without its critics. Despite the support from sex workers in Miami who organized a demonstration last year calling for the legalization of prostitution, the enforcement of Florida’s long-standing prohibition on prostitution remains a point of contention. Critics argue that even if Giordano were to become Sheriff, there is little he could do to decriminalize prostitution and similar activities without changes in state law and the potential risk of removal from office by the Governor.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead

While the idea of legalizing prostitution might seem radical to some, it is not without precedent. In certain parts of Nevada, for instance, regulated brothels are legal. However, implementing a similar model in Florida would require a significant shift in both legal and societal attitudes. Giordano’s proposal has undoubtedly started a conversation on the subject, but it remains to be seen how his policy will fare in the forthcoming Sheriff election and whether it will lead to any tangible changes in the way the sex trade is handled in Miami-Dade County.

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