Ethics Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

In a recent turn of events, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has once again seen an ethics complaint against him dismissed. This latest complaint concerned allegations that Suarez had accepted pricey tickets to high-profile events in exchange for governmental influence. However, the Florida Commission on Ethics found “no probable cause” to believe such actions occurred, effectively clearing Suarez’s name in this particular instance.

The Complaint and Response

The complaint was brought forward by Democratic activist Thomas Kennedy, who has previously filed two other complaints against Suarez, both of which were also dismissed. In this most recent case, Kennedy called into question Suarez’s attendance at several high-profile events, such as the Miami Formula One race and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. More specifically, Kennedy wanted to know if Suarez had received the tickets as gifts of value, which could potentially influence his actions and decisions as mayor.

Such gifts, if valued over $100, must be disclosed by elected officials according to state law. However, Suarez maintains that he paid for the tickets himself, thus not breaching any ethical standards. The Mayor responded to the dismissal of the complaint with a statement on social media, criticizing Kennedy and the Miami Herald for their roles in the allegations.

The Ongoing Controversies

Despite this recent victory, Suarez is not yet free from controversy. There are still ongoing federal and local investigations into his alleged misuse of office. These include another probe into Suarez’s business relationship with a local developer known as Rishi Kapoor, who paid Suarez $10,000 a month through a subsidiary whilst seeking project approval from the city. In addition, Suarez’s numerous side jobs, which have netted him a substantial income over the years, are also under investigation.


While Suarez may have emerged victorious from this recent ethics complaint, his struggles are far from over. The ongoing investigations cast a long shadow over his political career. Regardless of the outcome, the controversy surrounding Suarez serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and ethical behavior in public office. It underscores the need for public officials to not only act within the law but also to conduct themselves in a manner that is beyond reproach. As the public awaits the outcomes of the ongoing investigations, one thing is clear: the ethical conduct of our elected officials is something that should never be compromised.

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