Elon Musk and Don Lemon Interview Sparks Controversy

Former CNN reporter Don Lemon recently found himself in a heated exchange with Tesla CEO Elon Musk during an interview posted on Musk’s X social network. The interview was intended to launch Lemon’s new talk show on X, previously known as Twitter, until Musk abruptly canceled the show shortly after the interview took place.

During the hour-long discussion, Lemon and Musk touched on a variety of topics, from the political impact of immigration to Musk’s use of ketamine to treat symptoms of depression. Here are some of the standout moments from their conversation:

The X games: player vs. player
Musk described X as a “player versus player platform,” drawing a comparison to video games where players compete against each other. He mentioned using X as a platform to post jokes, trivia, and other important content. Musk also shared his preference for player versus player (PvP) video games as a way to unwind and blow off steam.

Musk uses ketamine to treat possible symptoms of depression
When asked about his use of ketamine, Musk revealed that he has a prescription for the drug to help alleviate symptoms of depression. He emphasized that he is almost always sober when posting on X late at night and does not believe he abuses the medication. Musk explained that ketamine can be beneficial in combating a negative frame of mind.

Meeting with Trump
Musk recounted a recent chance encounter with former President Donald Trump in Florida, where the two had breakfast together. He noted that Trump did most of the talking during their meeting, and the conversation did not involve any groundbreaking topics. Musk clarified that Trump did not ask him for a donation and stated that he has no plans to endorse or contribute to any presidential candidate at this time.

Immigration and the ‘great replacement theory’
During the interview, Musk distanced himself from the controversial “great replacement theory” while asserting that undocumented immigrants have influenced U.S. elections in favor of Democrats. Lemon challenged this assertion by pointing out that undocumented immigrants are unable to vote. Musk argued that the inclusion of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Census could impact congressional representation in states with large immigrant populations.

Overall, the interview between Lemon and Musk provided insight into Musk’s views on a range of topics, from his gaming habits to his approach to mental health treatment. Despite the cancellation of Lemon’s talk show on X, the conversation shed light on Musk’s perspectives on key issues and his interactions with prominent figures like former President Trump.

This article is based on a conversation between Don Lemon and Elon Musk that took place on X social network and was later canceled. For more information, visit Fortune.com.

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