Democrat Laura F. Kelley Challenges Republican Rep. David Borrero for Florida House

For those interested in American politics, a new development has emerged in the political landscape of Florida that could potentially shift the balance of power. The contest for the Florida House District 111, a region that encompasses the cities of Doral, Hialeah Gardens, Medley, Miami Lakes, and Sweetwater, has a new entrant. Attorney Laura F. Kelley, a Democrat, has announced her intention to challenge the incumbent Republican Representative, David Borrero.

Meet Laura F. Kelley

Based in Doral for the past ten years, Kelley is no stranger to the community she plans to serve. She is the founder of LFK Immigration PA, a firm that specializes in immigration law. Her commitment to the community is evident in her involvement with the local Doral Girl Scout Troop and her leadership role in the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s South Florida Chapter. Now, she has her sights set on bringing her unique perspective and dedication to the Florida House.

With a clear vision and a call for collaborative leadership, Kelley said, “It’s time for leadership that not only understands the complexities of our challenges but is also committed to working collaboratively towards equitable solutions. I am running for the Florida House because I believe in our community’s potential to effect real change, and I am dedicated to making that vision a reality.”

The Key Points of Laura F. Kelley’s Campaign

  • Housing Affordability: Kelley’s campaign is focusing on one of the most pressing issues facing her constituents – housing affordability. She believes that everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home and is dedicated to making that a reality.
  • Insurance Crisis: Another key point in Kelley’s campaign is the ongoing insurance crisis. She plans to address this issue head-on and work towards viable solutions.
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights: Kelley is also championing women’s reproductive rights. She firmly believes in a woman’s right to choose and will fight to uphold this principle.

David Borrero: The Incumbent

Representative David Borrero, on the other hand, is seeking his third term in the House. The district leans Republican, but the absence of an opponent in the last election cycle makes it difficult to gauge the extent of GOP’s advantage. Despite the lack of a challenger until now, Borrero has already amassed a significant war chest for his campaign.

Should primary challengers emerge on either side, a contest would be held on Aug. 20. If not, the General Election on Nov. 5 will see Kelley and Borrero face off. This race is shaping up to be a fascinating and closely watched contest, with potential implications for the balance of power in the Florida House.

With her focus on housing affordability, insurance crisis and women’s reproductive rights, Laura F. Kelley brings a fresh perspective and a call for change. Whether her message resonates with the voters of District 111, only time will tell.

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