Cybersecurity Threats and Preparedness in Florida: A Rising Concern

In today’s digital world, the threat of cyberterrorism is becoming as prevalent as natural disasters. With technology so deeply integrated into our daily lives, the security of our digital infrastructure is more critical than ever. Emerging threats are not limited to our computers and smartphones but extend to the very services we often take for granted, such as water treatment plants, airports, and city governments.

With technology evolving at a break-neck pace, the need for a skilled workforce capable of mitigating and responding to cyber threats is more acute than ever. But how prepared are we, really?

Cyberterrorism – A Rising Threat

As we become more reliant on smart technologies and automation, public entities are becoming prime targets for cyberattacks. In 2023 alone, several cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, and New Orleans, experienced cyberattacks. This alarming trend underscores the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity measures and heightened vigilance across all sectors of society.

FBI Director Christopher Wray stressed the unprecedented vulnerability of our nation’s critical infrastructure to cyber-physical threats. He emphasized that these attacks are designed to inflict tangible harm on American citizens and communities.

The Urgency for Skilled Cybersecurity Workforce

According to the 2023 National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy report, over 90% of jobs require digital skills, but nearly 30% of American workers lack those skills. Furthermore, less than 1% of the operational technology (OT) workforce is equipped to respond to a cyberattack.

For states like Florida, the situation is even more concerning. A recent state study suggests that if more than one community were attacked simultaneously, there would be a significant shortage of skilled workers to respond.

Florida’s Response to the Threat

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Florida’s leaders have taken decisive steps to bolster the state’s cybersecurity preparedness. The 2024 Florida Cybersecurity Initiative, spearheaded by Automation Strategy & Performance (ASP), aims to upskill the state’s critical infrastructure workforce and certify them as OT cybersecurity specialists.

Under this program, participating workers undergo rigorous IT and OT network and security system cybersecurity certification and practice in simulated environments. The initiative combines multiple certifications to ensure workers are well-equipped to handle cybersecurity threats when they arise.


The threat of cyberterrorism is real and growing, and it is imperative that we are prepared to face it head-on. Florida’s proactive approach towards cybersecurity is commendable and serves as a model for other states to follow. Upskilling the workforce and certifying them as OT cybersecurity specialists is a critical step towards securing our digital landscape.

It’s not just about protecting our technology, it’s about protecting our communities, our businesses, and ultimately, our way of life. By investing in cybersecurity, we can ensure that we are ready to face the threats of the digital age.

The time to act is now. Let’s work together to make our digital infrastructure safe and secure for all.

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