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With over 15 years of experience in business journalism, Samantha leads our editorial team with a keen eye for impactful stories and a commitment to journalistic excellence. She specializes in market trends and economic policies.


Elon Musk’s Companies Exchange $9.1M in Transactions

Tesla Reveals Intriguing Financial Transactions Ahead of Shareholder Meeting Tesla stunned investors this week with a detailed breakdown of financial transactions between Elon Musk’s various companies, shedding light on a web of interconnected operations that have raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity in the financial world. In 2023 and through February 2024, SpaceX paid Tesla $2.9 […]


Uber Driver Murder Investigation: Loletha Hall Tragedy

Uber Helps Investigators in Tragic Ohio Shooting Case An 81-year-old man in Ohio allegedly shot a woman to death after mistakenly believing she was part of a scam targeting him. The ride-hailing company, Uber, is now assisting investigators in looking into the account that sent a driver to the man’s home, where the tragic incident


Political Cartoonists: Skewering Politics in 2021

Every week, political cartoonists from all corners of the country use their artistic talents to satirize and critique the latest happenings in the world of politics. These cartoons serve as a powerful medium for expressing opinions, stirring controversy, and engaging readers across the political spectrum. In this week’s edition, we take a closer look at


Mike Johnson Unveils $95.3 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel

Speaker Mike Johnson recently announced a highly anticipated package of bills that promise to provide significant military aid to Ukraine and Israel, replenish U.S. weapons systems, and extend humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza. The total spending of this package is a whopping $95.3 billion, mirroring the figure passed by the Senate in mid-February. Let’s


New York Budget Update: Late but Coming Soon

With help from Shawn Ness New from New York Happening now: The budget end is nearing, but probably not until the weekend. The Indian Point owner is suing over being blocked from dumping into the Hudson River. Arrests were made after people jumped the stage at a Mayor Eric Adams event. A breakdown of energy


Gov. DeSantis Signs Measure Allowing School Chaplains

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Law Allowing School Chaplains Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a new law on Thursday that will allow volunteer school chaplains to provide services in schools. The measure has sparked controversy, with the ACLU expected to challenge its legality in court. During a press event in Osceola County, Governor DeSantis highlighted the

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