Advocating for the Discontinuation of IRS Direct File Program

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis is advocating for the discontinuation of the IRS’s Direct File program, criticizing it as unnecessary and potentially confusing.

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis is urging an end to the IRS’s Direct File program, currently in a pilot phase in 12 states, including Florida.

The program, set for the 2024 tax season, allows eligible Florida taxpayers to file federal tax returns online directly with the IRS for free. Despite offering guidance and online support, Patronis deems it redundant due to existing third-party options and poor IRS customer service.

Patronis stated, “The IRS Direct File program is a costly solution in search of a problem. With various free tax prep alternatives available, this program adds unnecessary complexity. It should be axed post-pilot.”

Having confronted the IRS previously, Patronis unveiled a plan in 2023 to curb IRS government overreach. Last July, Florida launched the Florida IRS Transparency Portal to address discrimination claims against IRS agents.

The portal aims to collect data on discriminatory practices, aiding potential legislation to safeguard Florida businesses.

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